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Close To The Edge

Lyrica to buy The warm waters lapping up the beach, your home calling to you.

One of the main attractions to The Bahamas is what sits next to the water—land. Everything is either on the water’s edge, or near to it. With our beautiful turquoise waters, every inch of Bahamian land is valuable. And every real estate investor (and second-home owner) in the world knows it.

Land and real property is always at a premium in The Bahamas, especially the closer it is to Nassau and the more populated family islands. The constantly flow of local buyers and foreign investors makes The Bahamas one of the most valuable places in the world.

Most real estate purchases and sales in The Bahamas are relatively quick—usually from 3-6 months for a simple home sale or purchase.

Both local and foreign real property transactions require the assistance of a local attorney.


The ability to, and the reasons for, buying are important considerations to the government of the Bahamas and in some cases there are regulatory requirements that must be met.

Going from an “Agreement For Sale” to completion of the transaction (and post-completion taxes) is a multi-step process that requires legal assistance, especially for large transaction or for foreign investors. Paradigm is knowledgeable and efficient in this process.

cheap beer lyrics PROCESSES INCLUDE:

  • Contract
  • Title
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • Requisitions
  • Documentation
  • Buy/Sell Completion
  • Post-Completion Activities


The paperwork is only a part of what’s required to buy or sell real estate in The Bahamas. Typically, we will help you through the process, and help explain the costs involved, including:

  • Stamp Duty
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Realtor Commissions
  • Legal Fees


But owning in the Bahamas can be an amazing experience—living on or near the water’s edge, endlessly warm summer, extraordinary and abundant  wildlife, makes it one of the richest places anywhere in the world.


  • Mortgages (residential and commercial)
  • Research, acquisition, and disposition of real estate
  • Conveyances
  • Bahamas Investment Board Approvals (purchases/investments by foreign persons)
  • Opinion on Title
  • Quieting of Title Actions
  • Real Property Tax Resolution

After Buying in The Bahamas

Once you’ve purchased property in the Bahamas you will have many other decisions or actions to make.

  • Will you and your family live (either part time or permanently) in The Bahamas?
  • Should you apply for residency, a work permit, or a home owner’s card.
  • Will you start a business?
  • Will you put your property into a rental pool?
  • What about legal assistance for your property (and other) taxes?
  • Time to start or add the new property into a trust for your family?
  • Is it time to protect your assets with a will, probate and estate plan?


Building and protecting assets is one of the core strengths of Paradigm Advisor. Once the paperwork and fees are done with a real estate transaction, let us assist you with: