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Planning and organizing the opening of a business in the Bahamas—whether for a local or foreign entity—is a monitored and regulated endeavor. And Puzzle Solutions is the perfect legal service to streamline your standard Bahamas company legal documents. And they’re customized just for you.

Paradigm-Advisor sees itself, essentially, as a services provider for your legal needs. Our subsidiary, Puzzle Solutions, offers the tools you’ll need to establish a new business entity in the Bahamas.

Our knowledge of the business frameworks in the government, banking system, regulating and taxing bodies, are essential to your success in establishing your new venture.

We also customize the documentation package to meet your specific business needs, regardless of what industry or market in which you intend to operate. So let’s get you up and running!

Business Toolbox

  • Contracts and all related services
  • Bahamas Investment Authority Approval
  • Central Bank of the Bahamas designation
  • Business License
  • Application for a New Business License
  • Business License Renewals
  • Value Added Tax Registration
  • Related Tax Advice
  • National Insurance Board (“NIB”) Registration
  • NIB Monthly filing & payments
  • Assistance with opening a business bank account