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Wealth is concentrated in places like The Bahamas, and reducing risks of fraud and money-laundering through the creation and implementation of compliance plans—and assigning a third-party compliance officer—makes business sense.

As a responsible and reputable International banking nation, The Bahamas is committed to anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, and diligently monitors the flow of money to ensure that finances do not move through The Bahamas toward criminal or terrorist enterprises.

The Bahamas uses international norms of banking, timely sharing of financial transactions and data, and proactive countermeasures to protect the integrity of Bahamian financial Institutions.

With that in mind, Paradigm Advisor can assist you in adhering to the norms, recommendations, and regulations that international businesses and investors should meet, including:

  • Standard Bahamian and International banking laws and regulations
  • AML/CFT laws, policies and practices
  • Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (“CFATF”) recommendations
  • EU Economic Partnership Agreement parameters
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • (“AML”)/FATCA/CRS & Compliance
  • Consulting on Anti-Money Laundering, Risk and Compliance
  • Creation of AML & Risk Handbooks/Risk Rating forms
  • Advising on FATCA & CRS
  • Outsourced Compliance Officer Function